Choose your target.
Import almost any image on your Mac.

Use any of your favorite images lying around in your Mac and turn it into a beautiful mosaic. You can import any picture from your iPhoto library, drag an image from a website, or even capture a still image of you and your friends using your Mac’s built-in camera. It’s good to know that Photobricks will keep a copy of all the images you import, ensuring
that the original ones stay untouched.

Point-and-shoot simplicity.
Convert an image into a mosaic with a single click.

After choosing the section of the image you want to turn into a mosaic, simply click “Done”. Your image will be magically transformed into an eye-popping mosaic that will undeniably turn some heads. Go ahead, explore your new creation! If you have a Mac equipped with a trackpad, you can pinch in and out to see your mosaic in full-glory. Better yet, you can go full-screen to avoid any distractions while you admire your new work of art. Changed your mind? You can always go back and cut out a different section from the original image.

A Swiss knife for mosaics.
Effortlessly edit your mosaic with intuitive editing tools.

Of course, Photobricks provides several fun and easy-to-use tools for those of us who like to customize our mosaics. Using the Color Palette, you can tell Photobricks which colors it should use when creating a mosaic. Mix and match colors as you please until you achieve the result you are looking for. In addition, you can override Photobricks’ decisions and paint individual bricks into a different color using the Paint Tool. Photobricks gives you the power to create customized mosaics with minimal effort in your part.


Keep an eye on those bricks.
Know exactly the bricks you’ll need to build your mosaics.

Once you’re convinced with the results, you can view exactly how many bricks of each type you will need in order to actually build your LEGO® mosaic. You can sort the bricks by size, by color, or by quantity. In addition, you can use the Plates Finder tool to locate any brick in your mosaic. Photobricks will instantly tell you what is the most suitable plate for the area you are interested in. There has never been an easier way to turn your mosaics into real-life masterpieces.

Showcase your masterpiece.
Share your mosaic in a variety of ways.

What is a masterpiece worth if it can be appreciated by others? With Photobricks, you’ll never find yourself asking that question. Photobricks gives you numerous ways to share your creations with the world. With Photobricks for Mac, you can export your mosaic as an image file. You can choose from a variety of formats and sizes that fit your specific needs. In addition, you can also export a high-resolution PDF file that can be used for publishing purposes. And if that’s not enough, Photobricks can also print your mosaic to the printer of your choice. You can even customize the page layout to get exactly the results you want.

Genetically advanced.
Photobricks uses the latest technologies.

Photobricks has been built with the latest technologies from Apple, so you can expect great performance and an unforgettable user experience. Photobricks is designed to take advantage of your Mac’s advanced hardware whenever possible. This translates into better performance and prolonged battery life for mobile users. Given that most Macs have shipped with sophisticated multi-core processors for quite some time, you’ll be glad to know that we spent quite some time optimizing Photobricks to take full advantage of multiple cores whenever possible for an additional speed boost.